Smurf with Sign (Keep on Smurfin')


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This blue Smurf really loves life! Standing by the side of the road with his sign, he's waiting for someone to give him a ride. Surely the hitchhiker from Smurf Town will soon be in luck, because anyone with such a winning smile has to be nice, right? But where is he going?

  • Classic Smurf Toys. A toy Smurf for every occasion!
  • Detailed & Authentic. Just like the classic Smurfs from your childhood - authentic licensed Smurfs figurines.
  • Durable Materials. These miniature Smurf toy figures are built to last and last.
  • Retro Toys from the 80s. A classic throwback toy with a splash of nostalgia.
  • Iconic Smurf Figurines. Your Smurf Village isn't complete without this must-have Smurf collectible.
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