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Curtain up for Vanity Smurf! Wow! Cool as a cucumber, Vanity Smurf turns all the heads at the fashion show. He wears stylish sunglasses on his big nose and fingerless gloves on his hands. Where did he copy that look from, I wonder?

  • Classic Smurf Toys. A toy Smurf for every occasion!
  • Detailed & Authentic. Just like the classic Smurfs from your childhood - authentic licensed Smurfs figurines.
  • Durable Materials. These miniature Smurf toy figures are built to last and last.
  • Retro Toys from the 80s. A classic throwback toy with a splash of nostalgia.
  • Iconic Smurf Figurines. Your Smurf Village isn't complete without this must-have Smurf collectible.
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