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On land, the Quetzalcoatlus doesn't look very elegant. But it make up for that once it's in the air! After it has taken off, the giant pterosaur can soar silently through the sky. It only has to flap its movable wings occasionally to stay on course. It can stay up in the sky for several hours at a time just soaring. I wonder where it will eventually decide to land!

  • Packed with Detail. The schleich quetzalcoatlus toy is so realistic, even paleontologists duck for cover when this flying dinosaur soars overhead.
  • High Quality Craftsmanship. The schleich quetzalcoatlus dinosaur toy is built to endure prehistoric meteors, volcanic eruptions, and kids' rough-n-tumble play.
  • Fun Dinosaur Toys. Unearth a child's storytelling superpowers. A schleich toy dinosaur inspires young dino enthusiasts to tell wild stories through play.
  • Dinosaurs With Movable Wings. Flap the wings and take to the skies"...the quetzalcoatlus toy has movable wings for hours of prehistoric play.
  • Collect 'em all! Quetzalcoatlus is part of the schleich DINOSAURS playset and figurine collection -- dozens of realistic dinosaur toys in all!
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