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The white scooter is the ultimate in ‘green’ mobility - perfect for the commute to work or school. The white is engineered with exceptional quality and a cool, retro style.

Built for speed and comfort, even on urban sidewalks, the white scooter's over-sized wheels are Italian-made, of highest quality PU, making them exceptionally smooth-gliding and quiet, as well as fast. Along with the black scooter, the white is the fastest of the many high-end scooters produced by micro. It is an almost effortless ride - think maximum distance with minimum effort.

The white scooter has a different look and feel. Ergonomically designed for a more comfortable stance, with a specially made deck that is placed lower than the axle, eliminating the need for riders to lean forward when scooting.

With a weight capacity of 100 kg (220 lbs) and adjustable height handle bars that extend an additional 30 cm from the lowest setting, the white scooter is built for adults as well as kids.

You will be able to see and feel the quality Swiss design and engineering in every element of the white scooter. When kick® by micro designed the white, they thought a lot about what makes scooter riding more comfortable and more dependable.

For example, the padded foam handle grips are made of highest quality non-toxic materials, helping to smooth out those sidewalks. With rounded rubber plugs on the end of the handle bars, the white scooter will resist damage if it is dropped to the ground, and the smooth edges help to prevent injuries.

And, the white scooter features a specially fortified rear wheel fork which provides strong torsion control, great for long-distance dependability!

Same great design and style as the black scooter,

The white scooter folds up easily. Featuring Micro's patented double-button folding system, riders can fold up their scooters and store them inside whenever need be. Over-the-shoulder straps and scooter bags are available for maximum portability.

For easy parking and grab-and-go convenience, the white features an innovative 2-way kick stand. It makes parking your scooter quick and easy.

The white's wider deck and high quality grip tape make for more secure footing and that makes for an easier, more comfortable ride.

The white's modular construction is made to last, with virtually every part being replaceable. The Canadian distributor, Kickboard Canada, maintains a comprehensive Parts and Repair Service to fix and replace parts that might wear out.

Go 'green' with the white scooter.

NOTE: This product is not guaranteed for use for tricks and aggressive use.

All products manufactured with the highest standard of quality control at an ISO-certified manufacturing plant in China. Our products meet all of the worldwide quality standards including EN, ANSI, and TUV. The factory is accredited with ISO 9002 international quality standard and has a professional tooling section, plastic injection shop and production facilities. Coupled with an extremely competent R&D team, the factory is always poised to produce the best and most innovative Micro/Kickboard products.

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