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VULY 6029465
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Thunder is the world's strongest trampoline. Designed by an all-Australian team of industrial design and safety experts, Thunder has the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence.


    Vuly Thunder Large Trampoline

Jump Mat Diameter 10' 7"
Frame Diameter 11' 11"
Net Pole to Net Pole Diameter 14' 2"
Leaf Spring Count 56


Safer Bouncing with Leaf Springs

No springs to get caught in, no frame to hit. Thunder is the first soft-edged trampoline in the world to use Leaf Springs instead of coil springs to power your bounce.

Soft Edges

There's no need for safety padding because Thunder's soft-edge has no accessible frame or springs to cover. A soft edge can reduce trampoline-related injury by up to 80%.

What's a Leaf Spring?

Traditionally used in heavy truck suspension systems, Vuly's patented Leaf Springs provide the Thunder trampoline with a bounce far superior to that of traditional coil springs.

The Bounciest Trampoline Around

Thanks to Thunder's Leaf Springs, bouncing high is almost effortless - very little of your bounce's energy is lost in the stretching or bending of springs, rods or bands.

Good for Your Joints

Perfect up and down positioning of Thunder's Leaf Springs means a lateral bounce that won't twist or bend your leg muscles and joints like some springless trampolines do.

Thousands of Bounces Strong

Our Leaf Springs are similar to those used in heavy haul trucks, so you can be sure that they're built to last.

Huge 330 lb Weight Rating

Thunder trampolines aren't just built for kids. With a huge 150kg/330lb weight rating, there's nothing stopping you from bouncing up a storm with your children.

The Goldilocks Safety Net

Thunder's Safety Net is just right. Not so loose you fall over the edge of the trampoline, and not so rigid you're injured as you bounce, it'll gently guide you back to the middle of the mat.

The World's Tallest Safety Net

An incredibly high bounce needs an incredibly high safety net. You won't have to worry about flying out of Thunder's trampoline enclosure because it's the tallest safety net in the world.

Stitched to the Mat

Because Thunder's safety net is stitched directly to the mat, you don't have to worry about little fingers and toes getting caught in the enclosure as you would with other trampolines.

Safe Fingers & Toes

The holes in Thunder's safety net are very small to prevent the catching of fingers and toes when doing bouncy tricks and flips, while cheaper brands often have larger holes.

Enter & Exit With Ease

An open entry can leave room for accidental contact with the frame if it isn't closed properly. Thunder's door overlaps with part of its safety net, yet still maintains the integrity of the net.

Soft & Strong Net

Crafted from super strong Silk Terylene, our UV-rated safety net keeps young trampolinists away from common impact zones, but won't leave them with grazes like other netting materials.

Not a Single Nut or Bolt

Thunder has only six different components, which means there aren't any small parts to lose in the backyard.

Double Strength Frame

Two rings of solid steel make Thunder an extremely sturdy trampoline. The trampoline won't slip and slide around when you jump from side to side.

Unbreakable Frame Joins

Thunder's frame joins are solid e-coated steel without any welds, rendering it practically unbreakable. Most trampolines have welds at joins that can break unless properly treated.

Rectangular Tubing

Engineered specifically for Thunder, rectangular tubing has never before been used in trampolines. It's more rigid than standard round tubing and connects to the frame much better.

Safety Skirt

Wrapping all the way around the frame, Thunder's safety skirt ensures children, pets and loose items don't find their way under the trampoline.

Built-In Stepladder

Thunder comes with a built-in, non-slip stepladder, which makes access to your trampoline a breeze.

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