V-CUBE 6 Cube

V-CUBE 94-0002

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V-CUBE 94-0002


V-CUBE™ 6 is a multicored, six-layered smooth rotation cube

Size it Up!

A breakthrough in layers & difficulty

 Size it up, check it out, this game requires your serious attention! V-CUBE™6 is the 6x6x6 member of the V-CUBE™ family, available in both the flat design and our unqiue “pillow” shape, inspired by the original V-CUBE™ 7! Both designs have the same revolutionary V-CUBE™ core mechanism!

V-CUBE™6 is a multi-colored, six-layered cube, rotating smoothly on based axes . It is a highly challenging, intelligent, puzzle game that tests your abilities at focused strategic thinking and dedicated effort.

But the rewards are great with incredible satisfaction!

V-CUBE™ 6 has 1.57*10116 possible permutations and weighs 230g!
It consists of 218 cubies  and a solid-cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axes.

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Item Number V-CUBE 94-0002
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