Off-Road Vehicle with Dino Outpost


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The Off-road vehicle with dino outpost from Schleich Dinosaurs is the perfect supplement to the Large dino research station (art. no. 41462).

With the off-road vehicle, LUIS can get to the outpost quickly and catch the giganotosaurus with the help of a big meat bait. In the event that he gets bogged in the swamp on his trip, he can use his toolbox to easily change the wheels or use the winch to pull the off-road vehicle out again. The Off-road vehicle with dino outpost from Schleich® Dinosaurs offers a variety of play options.

- Tires can be changed!
- Doors open and close!
- With removable cable winch!
- Fence parts can be connected in any way!

Contents: 1x Offroader with Cable Winch, 1x Researcher Luis, 1x Giganotosaurus, 1x Bait, 1x Axe, 1x Flywheel, 1x Spade, 1x Aluminium Box, 4x Fence Elememts, 1x Entrance Gate, 1x Sticker


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Item Number SCHLEICH 41464
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