VEX Robotics Ambush Striker


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This sophisticated motorized weaponry features a pivoting base, allowing you to instantly change the direction of fire! Hit your target every time with a rapid-fire barrage of shots that travel over 10 feet! Stun your adversary and take no mercy.

Built from over 300 pieces, this machine fires balls one after another at a rate of one ball per second (12 balls included). VEX Robotics is dedicated to inspiring future generations of engineers and problem solvers through fun hands-on learning with its STEM based construction kits. This machine teaches important scientific principles to its builders such as linkages, reciprocal and projectile motion.

  • Pivoting base allows you to change direction of fire
  • STEM based construction
  • 300+ snap together pieces
  • Shots travel over 10 feet
  • Ages 14 years and up
  • 12 balls included
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