Sparkler LED Jump Rope with Kinetic-Powered Lights


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No Batteries Required. Powered by YOU!

You’ve never seen a jump rope like this before. Twirling Geospace's new SPARKLER™ LED Jump Rope around their bodies, kids are in the center of a cascade of flashing LED multi-colored lights embedded inside the tinted rope. Not only is it the coolest version of a jump rope ever invented, a thrill for kids of all ages, but parents appreciate the fact no batteries are ever required. Within one handle is a rugged dynamo. With each twirl of the Jump Rope, the dynamo produces low-voltage electricity that keeps the LEDs sparkling. Its super-rugged design and quality craftsmanship assure the light show will go on for years and years, and parents end up saving a bundle in battery bills.

Comes in just one Size (rope length is 99 inches) so ideal for children from about age 8 years up to adult.  Colors are assorted.

Ages 8+

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