Walkaroo Wee! Lite (Aluminum) Balance Stilts for Little Kids


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These beginner WEE™ balance stilts are constructed of strong, yet lightweight aluminum for easy portability. Comfortable and completely adjustable for stilt-walkers of many different heights, first-timers (4 years & up) can start off on the lowest footrest level 'til they get the hang of it. Later, these stilts will grow with your child as he/she grows taller, since both the footrest and the handle positions can be adjusted for a custom fit. As kids gain confidence and improved skill, the footrests can be raised higher, adding to the challenge. The maximum weight limit is 110 lbs.

Walking on any of our ergonomic WALKAROO™ Stilts is a fun, physical, giggle-inducing workout! Kids won't realize this fun activity is also good for them! They'll be exercising muscles in their arms, legs, shoulders, and core. In addition to this full body workout, coordination and balance will improve with practice. Comfortable rubber footrests and foam cushioning on the handles encourage hours of active play.

Ages 4+

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