Rock Tumbler Refill – Raw Jasper of Nine Varieties (1lb)


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We’ve scoured the globe and collected the best raw jasper for rock tumbling!
This rock tumbler refill kit includes:

  • The ultimate variety with 9 types of raw jasper (1 lb in total)
  • 4 courses of premium polishing grit that will turn your “stones” into “gemstones”
  • Jewelry fastenings: 2 necklace, 2 earring, 1 keychain, 1 ring
  • Discover with Dr. Cool’s education adventure guide written by teachers

Boys and girls will love comparing the nine types of jasper and adding these incredible specimens to their rock collection!

PREMIUM JASPER ASSORTMENT – One pound of raw jasper: Mookaite, Kabamba, Zebra, Picture, Red, Dalmatian, Green Zebra, Polychrome, Yellow
POLISHING GRIT – Four stages of grit: course, medium, fine, polish. The perfect medium to turn your “stones” into “gemstones”!
MAKE YOUR OWN JEWELRY – We’ve included jewelry fastenings (2 necklaces, 2 earrings, keychain, and ring) so you can design your own custom jewelry
LEARN ABOUT JASPER: Discover with Dr. Cool’s adventure guide is written by teachers and will teach you many amazing facts about these 9 incredible jasper varieties
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